These Shortcomings May Affect Your Credit History In The Future.

If you have already read our article “Evaluation of credit history: the main factors”, then you already know which moments most affect the status of CI. But, requirements for borrowers are tightened every day, the same is true of the requirements for their history. Therefore, pay attention to the following list of criteria and try not to make mistakes that may emerge in the near future.

Fines for parking and other traffic violations

An unpaid parking ticket can easily create a crack in your scoring. If you do not pay the fine for a long time, then it will go to court. A court order is a public act, which, in turn, may adversely affect the credit history.


Credit Report Error

Credit Report Error

Your CI is a certain snapshot at a particular moment, the data in it often change and, accordingly, the score too. Therefore, in order to identify an error in the report on time, it is best to periodically check it. Also, do not forget that different fragments of credit history may be located in different LIC due to the fact that different banks work with different bureaus. So, check all parts of your CI to identify on time or eliminate the presence of errors in the document.


Reception with multiple credit cards

There is a technique that many active borrowers use to improve their scoring. They apply for as many credit cards as possible and thereby increase their total amount of approved credit. If they do not use credit cards, then the ratio of the total amount of approval and the amount of debts is improved in favor of the borrower. But do not overdo it with this technique – a sharp taking of several loans can only worsen your credit history.


Various government fees

Various government fees

Failure to pay, for example, school government fees, such as: improving the laboratory, purchasing books for the library or repairing the gymnasium, can also be reflected in the credit history. So, do not forget about such things, otherwise they can harm your CI for a long time, even a long time after paying the debt.



Be sure to pay utility bills on time. Even, if at the moment in our country there is no mass practice to send cases of non-payers on utility payments to collection companies, you can always present an official document to the bank manager who will confirm your responsible attitude to your financial obligations.

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