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Auto123 begins a first test of the Honda Civic Touring 2022.

As the Stanley Cup Playoffs move towards their climatic conclusion – and the Montreal Canadiens battle for their 25th Stanley Cup – the 2022 Honda Civic makes its debut as it begins its attempt for a 24th title as best-selling car in Canada. If we’re honest and aren’t regulars, we’d say the best odds are with the Honda compact car.

Not that we don’t trust the Habs, mind you. Of course we do. Rather, it is that the new Civic we just tested has all the skills and qualities necessary to maintain its title. Well, almost all …

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Honda didn’t take too many risks with the 11th gen Civic and who can blame them. He took some of the criticisms of the outgoing model into account, however, to make some adjustments. We humbly suggest that the automaker do the same with the objections to the new Civic outlined below. Overall, however, it’s clear that this is a solid and mature model with a ton of qualities joining the Honda lineup for 2022.

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2022 Honda Civic Touring, profile

In person
Since last fall we’ve actually had a few presentations of the Civic. First, Honda introduced the model as a concept, and then rolled out the production version a few months later. And that’s without counting the spy pictures leaked here and there of a version being tested somewhere on the planet.

The Civic, no matter what anyone says or thinks, is big business. It is, after all, one of the 10 best-selling vehicles in history and its career is far from over; This is not an easy task.

Either way, the images circulating revealed a sleeker, simpler 2022 edition, and that’s when you see the car in the flesh. We can even appreciate a few discreet touches here and there, like the headlights and the signature grille. At the rear, the design is much more classic, but on the other hand it is less polarizing.

Overall, Honda’s goal seems clear: not to shock. Yet even this conservatism will likely appeal to some and not to others.

2022 Honda Civic Touring, interior

2022 Honda Civic Touring, interior

There is probably more consensus on the interior. Climb aboard and discover an excellent and easy to adjust driving position. Then comes the scoreboard, also much more positive than not. I have to say, I’m not that crazy about design – I don’t think I’ll ever become a fan of floating media displays, which seem so poorly integrated into the overall design. The good news is that the multimedia system behind it has been improved. Our contact was too short to give you a fair assessment, but it looks like an interesting step forward.

The same goes for the digital instrument cluster in the Touring version we tested. The information is clear and customizable spaces allow users to post whatever they want right in front of them.

I can’t wait to see what happens to the entry-level models, which will benefit from a more streamlined layout.

Bravo for the air vents, hidden behind a grille that extends from one end of the dashboard to the other. The effect is visually pleasing and the approach is innovative. Hoping the mesh doesn’t start to fall apart after a few accidental knocks.

2022 Honda Civic Touring, front

2022 Honda Civic Touring, front

The sedan version of the Civic (the sedan will debut on June 23) comes in four flavors: LX, EX, Sport and Touring. With the first three, a valiant warrior is busy under the hood, the manufacturer’s 2.0-liter 4-cylinder. Its power is unchanged at 158 ​​horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque. Frankly, there’s nothing exciting or disappointing about this powertrain.

With the Touring model, we find the 4-cylinder 1.5L turbo. This time around, we’re talking about 180 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque, a gain of 6 horsepower and 15 lb-ft over what the sedan got last year. And with the sedan, only a continuously variable transmission (CVT) is used in combo with the two engines, which is heresy for us. Yes, the hatchback can still be had with the manual, but still …

The base LX finish ($ 24,465) receives a 7-inch color touchscreen and integration of Siri Eyes Free, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps, heated front seats, push-button (and remote) start, instrumentation partial digital, 60/40-split folding rear seat and LED headlights.

The EX version ($ 26,765) adds 16-inch alloy wheels, a power sliding sunroof, a heated steering wheel, turn signals in the mirrors and dual-zone climate control.

The Sport variant ($ 27,865) puts emphasis on style with 18-inch wheels with low-profile tires, black exterior accents and chrome exhaust tip, steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, a sport pedal and a new Sport driving mode.

Finally, with the Touring trim ($ 30,265), it’s all-in-one with a larger 9-inch screen, navigation, 12-speaker Bose audio system, wireless access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, leather upholstery, wireless charging for cellular devices, wireless internet and windshield wipers that detect rain.

Across the range, the Honda Sensing safety suite protects with its safety functions and sometimes annoys with hyperactive interventions.

2022 Honda Civic Touring, multimedia display

2022 Honda Civic Touring, multimedia display

Once you’ve analyzed the styling, interior, and equipment, what matters with a Civic is what happens when you get behind the wheel. It must be said that the bar was set very high with the previous generation. We don’t get the same kind of big step forward here, but there’s also no regression. My impression is that the new Civic offers better balance. The increased stiffness that many car manufacturers are used to boasting about these days is noticeable … but only slightly.

It is as if the car’s handling went from 8.5 to 8.7 out of 10. It had jumped from 7.0 to 8.5 at the last renewal. You get the drift.

The comfort is there and the soundproofing is very good. You almost forget about CVT. What’s a little ironic is that the first instinct is not to push this Civic; you appreciate its comfort, its equipment, etc. Kind of like an Accord. It’s a bit confusing, considering how this car, even in its base configuration, has always been seen as a small “sporty” car.

Its “new” vocation is confirmed when you push it a little. Its chassis reacts very well, but it is limited by tires which do not keep pace. It is as if Honda were reserving the sporting vocation of its model for future variants, whether it be the 5-door or the Si and Type R variants. In the latter two cases, the mission is clear.

Overall, the Civic doesn’t disappoint; this is not as surprising as it used to be.

2022 Honda Civic Touring, rear three-quarter

2022 Honda Civic Touring, rear three-quarter

Is the new Civic still a good buy? Of course, but a disappointment remains. Ten years ago, you could get your hands on a basic version with manual transmission for $ 15,000. Today the manual transmission is no longer available and the bill is at least $ 25,000.

It’s a shame. The new Civic has come a long way and has all the qualities necessary to remain the most popular car in its class, but what has always helped it sell is its accessibility. But the car is more expensive than ever.

Note that automakers now primarily sell monthly payment plans and the Civic’s resale value remains excellent. We will see what is the reaction of consumers to the new edition.

We like

More versatile style
Well-appointed interior
Anticipated reliability and resale value

We like less

Base price at $ 25,000
No manual transmission with the sedan
Tires that do not follow the chassis

The competition

Toyota corolla
Subaru Impreza
Kia Forte
Nissan sentra
Volkswagen Jetta
Hyundai Elantra

2022 Honda Civic Touring, rear

2022 Honda Civic Touring, rear



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