A bubble tea shop heads to Whitman Farm in South Loudoun

It seems like you can’t swing a bag of tapioca balls these days without stumbling across a new bubble tea shop popping up somewhere in Loudoun County. The latest to hit The Burn’s radar is called Kokee tea.

Photo courtesy of Evan Douglas

He arrives at the Whitman Farm Mall in southern Loudoun County. It’s on the southeast corner of Gum Spring Road and Braddock Road. A sign is mounted on the property announcing the future tea room.

Kokee Tea is a national brand with multiple locations open or under construction around Virginia and Maryland as well as Alabama, Georgia and Texas.

The word “kokee” apparently means elephant in Korean, and indeed an elephant-shaped teapot features in the Kokee logo.

Image: Kokee Tea

Its menu is filled with drinks such as signature teas, milk teas and cold clouds – most often with the iconic tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup. You can view the full Kokee Tea line here.

Some Kokee locations also offer Korean fried chicken and chicken sandwiches, but no word so far if that will be part of the menu at the Whitman Farm location.

There have been a lot of bubble tea headlines here on The Burn lately. Last week, we told you about the arrival of the Tsao Cha tea room in the Ashburn Farm district. Two new Kung Fu Tea locations also opened in Ashburn this year, as did TeaDM in Sterling.

Kokee will join several other new businesses coming to or considering a place in the center of Whitman Farm. A Lidl supermarket, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Virginia Auto & Tire were all previously announced, and Sheetz planned to build one of his gas stations/convenience stores there.

Alejandro L. Myatt