A Lethal Sport Traps Aaron and Gabriel

A basic filler episode returns The strolling useless to coach this week. “One Extra” has Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) looking for meals utilizing a map Maggie gave them. The hunt results in a harmful confrontation in a warehouse. Males are positioned in a state of affairs that challenges their beliefs that the nice nonetheless stays on this planet.

“One Extra” begins with a close-up of a plot of flowers. A drop of blood falls on a dandelion. Aaron and Father Gabriel are surrounded by walkers. Utilizing a machete and Aaron’s mace-studded arm, they shortly dispatch them, spraying blood in every single place. They discover a burnt down cabin within the woods. Gabriel checks a map with the placement famous. Aaron seems at three burnt corpses on the bottom.

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They discover a walker caught to a pole in a subject. His again is torn as Gabriel kills him. Gabriel throws a meals timer in entrance of them. A herd rises from the tall grass and crawls alongside to the noise. Aaron and Gabriel stroll round them.

They then arrive on a street with a convoy of vehicles. Gabriel searches the inside. He finds some cans in a secure, however they’ve bullet holes. “Two extra,” he advised Aaron in frustration. They proceed in the direction of an on-board mini-market. Gabriel cuts the palms of the marchers who cross the barricaded entrance. Aaron kills one, however he will get caught within the door. They attempt to pull it off, however tear the pores and skin off his arms.

Gabriel climbs on the roof. It discover corpses chained to the posts. A pair stays entwined on a mattress. They’ve bullets within the head. “Save Us” is painted on the roof. He finds a ladder and goes inside. He exits via the entrance, then pulls out the “One other” card. “We have been engaged on this for 2 fucking weeks,” Aaron says. He desires to examine the searching grounds once more. Gabriel reminds him “it is spent”. “The identical goes for some other place Maggie’s fucking card! “Aaron versus. He desires to go house. He” misses his daughter. “” Yet another, “Gabriel stated and moved on.

Gabriel walks on a muddy path within the woods. he’s shot down by a walker. He eviscerates it along with his machete. Aaron pulls him up, however Gabriel finally ends up pulling Aaron’s shirt tight. They’re each lined in disgusting mud and blood. The cardboard is ruined. It begins raining. They’re making an attempt to observe of their footsteps. The boys come out of the woods and are available throughout a warehouse.

They separated inside to look him. The place is darkish and soiled with trash in every single place. Gabriel finds a stack of Bibles. A few of them have pages torn off. Aaron walks as much as a locked door. He hears clicking noises behind. Gabriel rummages within the drawers. He smiles at a discovery. Aaron declares that he’s “a buddy” earlier than opening the door. Gabriel hears Aaron scream and runs in the direction of him. He finds Aaron hunched over a useless boar. Gabriel laughed hysterically at Aaron’s shrill cry. He then brandished a bottle of tremendous whiskey.

They roast the wild boar on a trash can shoot. Aaron is delighted to search out plush toys for Gracie. Gabriel pours two meager glasses of whiskey. “That is it?” Aaron asks. “It is perfection … this bottle simply prices over $ 2,000,” Gabriel replies. He asks Aaron to smell and take in the aroma earlier than consuming. Aaron recounts the totally different smells, “maple syrup” and “child’s breakfast,” earlier than consuming. He convinces Gabriel to take one other hit after a “robust day.”

The bottle is half empty as the lads play playing cards with a flashlight. Gabriel wins the spherical whereas bluffing at poker. They sit subsequent to one another on padded chairs after the sport. Gabriel remembers the priest who taught him whiskey. It recounts the funeral of “Tommy Franklin” and the way the Reverend “walked straight to the liquor cupboard” afterwards. Gabriel delivers an extended monologue on how the Reverend was soothing to parishioners. “It’s important to begin preaching once more,” Aaron stated. “I do not wish to preach anymore. The world is not constructed for what we was once. Evil persons are no exception,” Gabriel replies sadly.

Aaron will get up to make use of the toilet, briefly waking a loud night breathing Gabriel. The following day, Gabriel stumbles growls and wakes up, however Aaron is not there. He searches the warehouse. A person marked with a submachine gun seems in entrance of him, “What had been you cooking?” A stunned Gabriel calmly replies “boar”. The person sits down and devours the remaining meals. Gabriel sits throughout from him and asks him if he has seen Aaron. The scarred man licks his palms, then berates Gabriel for “breaking into my home, consuming my boar and consuming my whiskey.”

Gabriel apologizes, “We did not imply any hurt.” The scarred man pulls Aaron’s mace arm out and throws him to the bottom. A surprised Gabriel warns him that “they’re half of a bigger group of 20 armed fighters.” “I do not bluff as simply as your boyfriend,” replies the scarred man whereas consuming. He raises the gun, “Do you assume it is loaded?” Then unleash a torrent of bullets in the direction of an adjoining room, “Do you assume he did it?”

Gabriel desires to see Aaron. The scarred man asks why Gabriel continues to put on “the collar”. Gabriel replies, “Most likely for a similar purpose you’ve got the Bibles. I carry them as a result of the phrase of God all the time counts.” The scarred man laughs, he makes use of the pages as bathroom paper. “Possibly as an alternative of wiping your ass with it, you need to learn it,” Gabriel stated. The scarred man thinks Gabriel is mendacity about his beliefs. He stands up and drags Aaron, who’s strapped to a chair and gagged, out of the room.

The scarred man locations Aaron in entrance of Gabriel on the chart desk and removes the gag. He pulls out a revolver, empties the bullets besides one, then spins the barrel. “The selection is yours. Every time you level it at your self or on the man sitting throughout from you. The winner goes house.” Aaron guarantees him to discover a new boar. The marked man desires “enlightenment”. He orders them to play dirty roulette, or he’ll kill them each.

Gabriel factors the gun at his temple, click on. Aaron does the identical, clicks “Why are you doing this?” The scarred man asks questions on his arm and Gabriel’s blind eye. They are saying it was a building accident and an an infection. Gabriel berates him for doing this, “Do you assume I’ll shoot him, or is he going to shoot me?” Gabriel picks up the gun on his head, clicks. Aaron’s flip. “Did you hear that? It sounds totally different when the chamber is charging, you’ve got a option to make.” “Weren’t thieves and murderers. We aren’t killing ourselves. We shield one another, just like the household, ”stated a trembling Aaron as he picked up the gun.

The scarred man is triggered by “household”. He tells Aaron and Gabriel how he protected his brother and his brother’s household on the street. He saved their lives “numerous occasions”. However discovered his brother stealing his meals. His brother attacked him with a “knife, however he dealt with them”. Gabriel does not purchase what he sells. He scolds the scarred man for utilizing his brother to justify that “everybody left behind is dangerous and just for themselves.” Aaron tries to cease him, however Gabriel continues, “Your brother meant much less to you than leftover meals. Your brother did not provide you with enlightenment only a torn face.”

The scarred man factors his gun at Aaron. “What about Gracie? You wish to see her once more, do not you?” Aaron cries, however places the gun to his temple. As he’s about to drag the set off, the scarred man shouts, “Cease!” Gabriel reminds him that that is what folks nonetheless are, to not let his brother’s betrayal fill him with hatred. The scarred man has a disaster of conscience. Gabriel guarantees to assist her. Aaron places the gun down.

The scarred man begins to cry. He picks up the revolver. Then minimize Aaron at no cost. He introduces himself as “Mays” (Robert patrick). Aaron is abruptly splashed with blood. Gabriel eliminated the mass from the bottom, then smashed Mays’ head. Aaron is shocked. “We could not take him with us. He killed his brother’s household, ”says Gabriel.

They pack their luggage to go away, then marvel how Mays adopted their dialog. They discover an attic. The putrid scent virtually makes them vomit. To their horror, they discover Mays’ twin brother (additionally Robert Patrick), soiled and lined in lengthy hair, chained to a wall subsequent to the decaying our bodies of his spouse and little one. Gabriel unties his proper arm. Mays’ brother grabs the gun from Gabriel’s pants. He seems at his deceased household, then shoots himself within the head.

Aaron and Gabriel take up arms, cans and depart the warehouse. They see photos of Mays and his household. As they stroll via a subject, they see a water tower within the distance that was on Maggie’s map. “Yet another,” Aaron says, and so they trudge in the direction of him.

“One Extra” had some fascinating philosophical factors, however did not convey the general plot. Father Gabriel confirmed his means to kill because the state of affairs demanded. Aaron stays a voice of purpose and kindness. Robert Patrick was a very good visitor star in each roles, however was clearly a useless man who walked in every single place. I did not assume the Russian roulette scene was going to ship a predominant character. the the episode is a pure filler, one thing I used to be anticipating with at the least a 3rd of TWD’s episodes since season seven. The strolling useless returns subsequent Sunday on AMC.

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