A woman fears the body shop hasn’t repaired her wrecked vehicle to meet insurance company specifications

BATON ROUGE — A woman tries to figure out what happened to her car after it was taken to a repair shop following an accident.

Lyntorius Moore says the shop did not follow his insurance company’s list of approved repairs and instead returned him a vehicle that is not safe to drive.

“She’s putting me back in a vehicle that’s not safe,” Moore said.

Moore says she took a chance by taking her Infiniti SUV to a small body shop because everywhere else the wait was long. Jo’s Automotive and Body Repair did the job. Moore picked up the car in July and says the parts and labor that went into repairing his SUV are not those that were approved.

“They just took the money and basically didn’t fix anything,” she said.

The SUV took a beating after Moore had an accident in February. The passenger side was primarily affected and the side airbag deployed. Moore filed a claim with an insurance company who awarded him approximately $28,000 for repairs, including funds for Infiniti parts and labor.

“The parts they were supposed to replace, they put the same parts back on the vehicle,” she said. “They put the same seat back. They sewed the seat back up.”

What really shakes her is the airbag. According to receipts, it was not purchased new from Infiniti.

“I just don’t feel comfortable putting my grandkids in there like that, and it’s on the side, you know, where they’re sitting,” Moore said.

Moore reviewed the receipts and found that the parts purchased totaled less than $10,000. She also says that even though some items have a receipt, they are not installed in her car.

In August, Moore says another expert came to take a look at the car after picking it up. Moore showed 2 On Your Side documents where she says the adjuster took notes and identified a damaged fender, an old liner, loose screws, salvaged parts and several things that needed to be replaced on the car and didn’t were not, including the wheels.

“I’ve had it looked at by several body people, and they feel like they spent maybe $4,000 at the most,” Moore said.

During the insurance process, two checks were made payable to Moore and the body shop. Moore says if she would have had more control over the financial situation, she might not be in this position.

Now that she has a car that she doesn’t feel safe driving, she asks the body shop to give her the insurance money back, so she can take the car somewhere else to have it done. repair properly.

Moore says the insurance claim remains open. The store owner told 2 On Your Side that she thinks what is happening is personal because the repairs have been made.

Alejandro L. Myatt