Forest Service reports water shortage at Little Grass Valley recreation sites

While lake levels are still good, recreational facilities at Little Grass Valley Reservoir in the Plumas River Ranger District of the Plumas National Forest are being affected by water shortages.

There is limited water available at Little Beaver, Running Deer, and Red Feather campgrounds. Water conservation in these areas is essential to help extend existing water resources.

The water supply system is extremely limited due to the continued drought which reduces spring flows and the system’s ability to replenish itself naturally with potable water.

Typically, the system is stressed in mid to late summer. This week a major break in the water system drained the tank.

Temporary measures have been taken to keep campgrounds open this weekend. District staff are working to identify short-term and long-term solutions. More information will be shared as solutions come to fruition.

Little Grass Valley dump station and water are closed. The Wyandotte dump station is still available.

Campers, whether using a tent or recreational vehicle (RV), must bring their own water. If using the recreational facilities at Little Grass Valley Reservoir, faucets should be fully closed and not running for extended periods of time.

If leaks or water problems are observed at the campgrounds, please contact the Feather River Ranger District at 530-534-6500.

For more information on the Plumas National Forest, visit the forest on Twitter @USFSPlumas or on Facebook at

Alejandro L. Myatt