In this festive season, offer only khadi products: PM Modi appeals to citizens

Emphasizing the empowerment of Khadi industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called on compatriots to offer only the products produced in Khadi village industries during the upcoming festivals.

The Prime Minister attended the “Khadi Utsav” event in Ahmedabad on Saturday.

Khadi Utsav was delighted to pay tribute to the khadi and its importance during the struggle for freedom. The Prime Minister also spun charkha at the event. Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel also attended the program.

Addressing the rally, Prime Minister Modi said, “We have seen that Khadi has become the force of the freedom movement and has broken the chains of slavery. The same Khadi can become a source of inspiration for India to develop and be self-sufficient. of independence, 7,500 sisters and daughters made history by spinning yarn on Charkha. Spinning Charkha took me back to my childhood.

“I want to appeal to the people of the country. In the upcoming holidays, this time offer only the products produced in the industries of Khadi village. You can have clothes made of different types of fabrics. But if you give place Khadi in this, then the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign will gain momentum,” he said.

Referring to India’s freedom struggle, he said Khadi who was the pride of the country, after independence there was an inferiority complex on Khadi. “Because of this, Khadi and the village industry associated with Khadi have been completely destroyed. This condition of Khadi is very painful especially for Gujarat,” the Prime Minister said.

The prime minister said his government was working to restore Khadi’s pride.

“We have added the commitment of ‘Khadi for Transformation’ to ‘Khadi for Nation’ and ‘Khadi for Fashion’. We have started spreading Gujarat’s successful experiences across the country. Khadi related issues to across the country have been resolved. We have encouraged compatriots to buy Khadi products,” he said.

Highlighting Khadi as the pride of the country, Prime Minister Modi said Khadi is an example of eco-friendly and sustainable clothing that leaves the least carbon footprint.

“Khadi is an example of sustainable clothing. Khadi is an example of eco-friendly clothing. Khadi has the least carbon footprint. There are many countries with high temperature, Khadi is also very important from a health point of view. Therefore Khadi can play a huge role globally.”

He said on August 15 since the rampant of Red Fort, he talked about five resolutions.

“In this holy place, on the banks of Sabarmati, I want to repeat the Pancha-Pranas. First – to make India developed; second – abandonment of the mentality of slavery; third – pride in our heritage; fourth – l unity of the nation; and fifth – civil duty,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Acknowledging the contribution of women, Prime Minister Modi said the power of women is the driving factor behind the growing strength of India’s khadi industry. “The entrepreneurial spirit is ingrained in our sisters and daughters. Proof of this is also the expansion of Sakhi Mandals in Gujarat,” he said.

“Over the past few decades, the Indian toy industry has been destroyed due to competition from foreign toy industry. Thanks to the efforts of the government, the situation is changing. Now there is a decline in toys imported from abroad,” Prime Minister Modi added.

During the event, the Prime Minister also inaugurated the Atal Bridge in Ahmedabad.

He said that Atal Bridge not only connects the two banks of the Sabarmati River, but is also unprecedented in terms of design and innovation. The famous kite festival of Gujarat has also been considered in its design.

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Alejandro L. Myatt