Man charged at chop shop after victim spots his stolen car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A man is behind bars after investigators said they recovered hundreds of cartridges, stolen weapons and stolen vehicles from a North Memphis home.

Several cars remain outside the home off Lexington Circle, but police said earlier this week there were even more.

A man told officers on Monday that he spotted his stolen Infiniti parked in the driveway of the house. Sure enough, when detectives checked, it came back stolen.

They called the auto theft task force who noticed cars in various states of disrepair and car parts and tools scattered throughout the yard.

During the investigation, they also found a KTM motorcycle believed to have been stolen in Southaven and a 1978 Monte Carlo that was stolen from a Midtown yard almost two years ago.

Inside the home, they found a Beretta handgun that was allegedly stolen from a south Memphis factory parking lot in a series of car break-ins nearly a year ago.

Three other firearms, hundreds of cartridges and a vehicle programmer commonly used to reprogram the vehicles key or fob were also found.

When investigators checked the stolen Infiniti that originally led them to the bust, it was no longer usable as the vehicle had been reprogrammed.

Investigators said Warr allegedly admitted he drove the stolen cars and possessed the weapons.

Detectives arrested Carlos Warr for possession of all stolen property, convicted of possession of a handgun, violation of chop shop law and possession of burglary tools.

Alejandro L. Myatt