Marshall Truck & Van is raising its service game in Andover

Mercedes-Benz and FUSO truck operators in North West Hampshire and beyond are now reaping the benefits of a £1 million facility upgrade by their local dealership.

Marshall Truck & Van has expanded the workshop at its Walworth Industrial Estate branch in Andover, adding a few more bays to the previous four.

One of the new bays is equipped with rollers and other equipment needed to undertake tachograph installations, calibrations and repairs. These tasks were previously entrusted to an independent specialist who only worked during normal working hours. The dealership’s decision to insource this service means they can now perform these tasks late at night, increasing convenience and limiting downtime for customers.

The nine-month project also involved the creation of a comfortable new waiting area for drivers, while members of the Marshall Truck & Van team also benefited – sales offices were refurbished, with a new meeting room installed and technicians who previously took their breaks in a portable unit now have their own canteen and toilets.

Marshall Truck & Van Company Manager Wayne Edwards said, “The very substantial investment we have made at Andover benefits both customers and colleagues and reflects our determination to be the premier provider of truck and commercial vehicle sales, service and repair. light, and spare parts on the south coast. ”

The Andover plant now exceeds the standards required of its Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK franchise partners. The fully equipped and stocked Mercedes-Benz 24h Service Van based on this site is assigned to highly trained technicians who provide 24 hour emergency roadside assistance.

Marshall Truck & Van also operates from other branches in Fareham and Croydon, as well as the £3.8million flagship dealership in Nursling, Southampton, which it opened towards the end of 2019.

David Collard

David Collard

Wayne added, “Our David Collard, Managing Director of Andover and his team have made great strides in recent years in attracting new aftermarket business to local operators.

“The timely, customer-focused support they have worked so hard to provide has been instrumental not only in improving established relationships, but also – as word of mouth has spread locally – in allowing us to win new ones. converted to the Mercedes- Benz and FUSO brands.

David Collard commented: “The development here at Andover is great news for operators, not least because it means that if a lorry arrives at night with a tachograph related problem, we can jump right on it, rather than having to tell the customer.’ll have to book a separate tour during the day.We aim to provide a ‘one stop shop’ service wherever possible, so the tach bay adds another important chord to our bow.”

He continued: “Colleagues are thrilled too. From a motivational standpoint, it’s now a smarter and more attractive place to come to work. We are now working to bring in more technicians and the improvements we have made can only help with recruitment.

Top operators who rely on Marshall Truck & Van’s Andover team to service their vehicles include Howard Tenens Logistics, which purchased its first 16 Next Generation Actros tractors last year. These vehicles are covered by Mercedes-Benz Full Service Agreements.

Key to the family-owned company’s decision to place its landmark order was the dealer’s support over the previous three years, in looking after leased units from the outgoing Actros model range that needed to be replaced.

Alan Pellow, Howard Tenens National Fleet and Compliance Managerenthusiastic: “Dealer support is superb – Managing Director David Collard and his workshop team are very helpful and can always be counted on to bring a truck when we need it.

Kevin Witt, who manages the operator’s Andover depot, added: “I’ve been in this business for years and Marshall is the best master dealer I’ve ever worked with. They are honest and upfront where many are not, and if I have trouble getting a vehicle into the shop they will always move things around to accommodate me. That’s all any transport manager can ask for.

Meanwhile, electrical goods distributor Ken White Distribution, also of Andover, used only Swedish-built trucks five years ago. Today, all but three of its 26 vehicles bear the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star, and its fleet transformation owes much to the after-sales support it receives from Marshall Truck & Van.

“The maintenance contracts are very cost effective and the service we receive from the dealer Andover workshop is absolutely fantastic,” commented Director and Transport Manager Ian Reeve. “They are very flexible and when a problem arises, as it always does from time to time, even with the best trucks, they can always be counted on to solve it quickly and efficiently.”

He added: “We still have our own workshop, but we entrust the maintenance of our Mercedes-Benz trucks to the dealer because it makes our life easier.”

Alejandro L. Myatt