MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nano Magic LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nano Magic Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKT: NMGX) (“Nano Magic” or the “Company”), a leader in nanotechnology-based cleaning, protection and anti-fog solutions is pleased to announce the launch of two new products through its Canadian distribution partner, Curve Distribution, at Canadian retailer Walmart Canada.

Nano Magic partnered with Calgary-based Curve Distribution earlier this year and it’s already paying big dividends. “We were thrilled to partner with Curve to expand the Nano Magic brand into Canada for a reason,” said Nano Magic President and CEO Tom Berman. “Curve has a long track record of success in Canada, and as a result, our partnership is already off to the races.”

The company’s first introduction to a Canadian retailer was with Walmart Canada. Nano Magic 2-in-1 Screen + Lens Cleaner and Anti-Fog + Lens Cleaner will be available at all Walmart stores across Canada at checkouts. Curve plans to expand further by introducing other Nano Magic products to Walmart Canada and other Canadian retailers. “We are very pleased to bring Nano Magic’s best anti-fog and cleaning technology to Canadian consumers.” said Curve Vice President of Brand Management Kyle Duszynski.

Nano Magic’s Screen + Lens Cleaner and Anti-Fog + Lens Cleaner are streak-free, non-abrasive solutions that work at the molecular level, so when you apply it to your screens, lenses, or other optics such as hockey visors and football, or skiing, diving, and goggles, it provides deep cleaning while creating an invisible force field on the surface to protect against stains, dirt, and fog. You can find Nano Magic Screen + Lens Cleaner available at Walmart Canada in a 10ml spray bottle, and 2-in-1 Anti Fog + Lens Cleaner in single-use, pre-moistened wipes in cases.

About NanoMagic

Nano Magic is a cutting-edge nanotechnology company that formulates nanotechnology-powered solutions such as lens cleaners, screen cleaners, anti-fog solutions, as well as home and automotive cleaning and protection solutions, all formulated in the USA at our Metro Detroit facilities, offered both directly to the consumer and through retailers such as Walgreens, Lowe’s, Walmart, Best Buy and Costco. Visit for more information.

About Curve Distribution

How do the best brands get their products into the hands of their customers? Well, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Curve – a data-driven distribution company that specializes in partnering with brands to create integrated distribution plans to connect them with their customers. From packaging and marketing strategies to comprehensive category management, we are revolutionizing the industry by doing it all and better.

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