Opening of the SEMA garage in Detroit

SEMA President and CEO Mike Spagnola, left, and SEMA Garage Detroit General Manager Ben Kaminsky cut the ribbon for the new 45,000 square foot SEMA Garage in Detroit.

The Specialty Equipment Market Association has opened the doors to the new SEMA garage near Detroit.

The new 45,000 square foot facility is the first-ever research facility dedicated to testing and understanding the impact of the aftermarket and can operate successfully with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Located in Plymouth, Michigan, the center includes the ADAS Technology Center and an Installation Center. It will expand to include a four-wheel chassis dyno lab, as well as another dyno lab capable of testing diesel and gasoline exhaust emissions. Like the California SEMA Garage, the Detroit site will give aftermarket manufacturers access to sophisticated resources that are typically only available to large-scale manufacturers.

“SEMA Garage Detroit is a game-changer by helping aftermarket manufacturers develop products for today’s sophisticated automobiles,” said Ben Kaminsky, general manager of SEMA Garage Detroit. “We will be collaborating with automakers, suppliers and key industry players to conduct groundbreaking research. We are truly going to be able to take product development and testing capabilities to a whole new level.

SEMA members will have free access to auto shop tools and equipment for aftermarket product development, research and development, prototyping, and measurement sessions. The facility is also available for training, demo/installation videos, product reveals, and production videos and photographs.

As for the ADAS Center, manufacturers will be able to obtain the static calibration of ADAS systems on board vehicles (radar and cameras). With access to OEM-grade equipment and procedures, manufacturers will be able to troubleshoot software/hardware issues with ease, as well as work on dynamic testing in conjunction with local facilities.

“The SEMA Garage Detroit facility opens new doors and opportunities for our member companies and SEMA,” Kaminsky said. “We will be able to enhance our current offerings by making services accessible to new members, integrating new technologies and collaborating with key partners in the region.”

Alejandro L. Myatt