Toronto consultants to provide cybersecurity solutions for Project Arrow

QA Consultants Inc, an independent software quality engineering services company based in Toronto, has announced that it has been awarded the role of integration and integration of cybersecurity solutions for Project Arrow, the first original concept vehicle, completely built and zero emissions in Canada.

The Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) of Canada has launched the first complete and original zero-emission concept vehicle named Project Arrow. This one-of-a-kind concept car is currently in its engineering and construction phase through December 2022 with a release and tour scheduled for 2023.

Project Arrow designed, designed and built by the Canadian automotive industry

An all-Canadian effort, Project Arrow is engineered, designed and built by Canada’s world-class automotive supply industry and post-secondary institutions. This innovative and timely project is already bringing together Canada’s top electric, alternative fuel, connected, autonomous and lightweight technology companies to showcase the capabilities and readiness of the Canadian auto parts sector to support electric vehicle manufacturing. .

Cybersecurity solutions currently being considered for in-vehicle integration include many of the world’s most advanced cybersecurity solutions. The scope of cybersecurity coverage includes regulatory compliance to UNECE WP.29, ISO 21434 and functional coverage of security vulnerabilities in V2X (Privacy and Data Security), Telematics, Smart Mobility, communication protocols, ECU, architecture and redundancy.

“We chose to work with QA consultants for many reasons. They are experts in cybersecurity software testing and have demonstrated leadership as chair of APMA’s V2X Cybersecurity Working Group as well as a member of the Cybersecurity Committee,” said Colin Dhillon, CTO of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association.

Peter Watkins, COO of QA Consultants, said, “We are delighted to be part of Project Arrow which showcases the incredible capabilities of the Canadian automotive parts industry.

Alejandro L. Myatt