TSL products will bring smart power distribution units to the forefront

As broadcasters continue to face more complex workflows, typically pulling feeds from around the world, whether for news, sports, entertainment or other live programming, the need for an environment transparent collaborative remote is necessary. Simplified maintenance and minimized energy consumption have become a priority. With this in mind, TSL is showcasing its new intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) at IBC 2022 (Booth 10.B41).

The new smart PDUs have increased functionality, offering improved levels of monitoring and power management, giving operators additional peace of mind through a more streamlined workflow. Additionally, TSL’s updated PDUs help businesses achieve their sustainability goals, as devices can act on instruction to selectively shut off power when not in use, remotely or onsite, which further enhances flexibility and energy and cost savings.

TSL’s new Ethernet Connected PDUs have been designed to handle up to 32 Amps (A) with optional Auto Failover/Auto Power and have increased input current from 16 to 20 as customers deploy equipment more powerful. The new design also includes an upgrade from 12 to 14 outlets, each capable of delivering up to 10A, allowing customers to power more units from a single PDU.

With a comprehensive suite of alarms, each PDU acts as a “window in the rack” warning of a wide variety of alarm conditions, including input under or over voltage, over current, over temperature, under or over current for each outlet , fuse failure , power failure or power change. Additionally, the units are equipped with an industry standard one-wire interface that will work with readily available third-party sensors. The new units also monitor and record input power waveforms so that power problems can be investigated and corrected. When powering remote equipment, these features help the engineering team quickly and efficiently determine when connected equipment has failed, saving valuable time.

TSL will also showcase its data center infrastructure monitoring (DCIM) solution, Insite, which uses the industry standard SNMP to monitor both TSL PDUs and any SNMP-connected third-party equipment, offering not only power , but also full system status monitoring. The DCIM solution offers comprehensive monitoring, alarm and power consumption metrics, presented on an intuitive dashboard. Additionally, TSL will showcase its full line of power solutions, from vertical PDUs to horizontal PDUs to meet the range of power requirements needed for various applications and workflows.

“We are delighted to be back at IBC to share our latest award-winning innovations from our Power portfolio,” said Mark Davies, Director of Products and Technology at TSL. “Power is one of the most exciting investments we’ve made at TSL and these latest upgrades are based on a massive R&D effort that’s spanned nearly two years. We’ve listened to our customers to understand their ongoing challenges. and provided them with a solution that gives them more control over their system infrastructure, from multiple racks in large data centers to single racks in remote sites.Those who have already implemented our updated PDUs are seeing excellent results and improvements in their workflows.”

Alejandro L. Myatt