West Des Moines auto shop adds hail damage repair service after severe storm

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Local body shops have been busy booking work to repair dents left by golf ball sized hail from last Friday’s storm and some car owners are finding it it will be months before they enter.

West Des Moines was one of the hardest hit areas when these storms ripped through the heart of the metro. Normally, technicians at the Valley West Corner Store focus on mechanical issues – under-the-hood issues – until a steady stream of people show up to get the extensive hail damage repaired.

“The repair shops, they are flooded, crowded. So what we’re doing is opening up a bay here and also the car wash and we’re going to allow a company to come in and let them do the work from here to hopefully bring in and take people out for their car repair. I know some repair shops quoted November or later,” owner Chad Staudenmaier said.

He says his store suffered extensive roof damage and beyond that he saw the need for customers and decided to turn his attached car wash into a hail damage repair bay . He brings in a team that specializes in getting all those bumps and bumps out. By Friday, this car wash will look completely different with staff ready to get to work.

“First, file a claim, which they like you to do anyway if you have damage. At that time they will come to your place or work or go to a local body shop and they will do the estimate there. Once they get the estimate, you’re free to go anywhere you want to do your job,” said Bill Schutz, owner of Discount Dents.

Some of the damage is minimal, others, especially those outside of West Des Moines when the storm hit, will have thousands of dollars in repairs. They work with insurance companies and claims – but the bottom line is that they hope the new service will help people get their rides looking like new again.

If you have hail damage and would like to secure your spot to repair the damage, the number to call is 515-608-3731. Work will start on Friday after getting all the equipment here and being ready to get to work. Typically, the repair can take three to four days.

Alejandro L. Myatt