Where to Repair Car Upholstery Canada

What is a “true” interior? Look inside an Audi or BMW. Comfortable, sophisticated, highly detailed and bespoke. A real interior looks and feels great.

It’s only recently that domestic automakers, which have fallen far behind Audi, are finally seeing the space where we spend most of our time – the interior – as sacred ground worthy of effort. additional.

Collin Hoyt doesn’t work for Ford or any other major automaker. He works hard in a store on the east coast of Canada. At a cluttered workbench the size of a pool table, he executes his own interiors without computers, millions of dollars or, perhaps most importantly, focus groups. Instead, what he imagines in his head is turned into reality.

If the interior of your shiny new Mustang ever needs help, whether it’s fixing a tear, replacing the carpets or installing a new convertible top, it’s likely that Hoyt, or someone like him, will have to be called.

It’s a rare breed of car enthusiast who sees all the little things most people look past – twisted seams, puckered edges, inferior finish and attention to fit. It’s the kind of care and attention that seems to fit the new approach of domestic automakers. But Hoyt doesn’t need a Detroit designer to spell out what’s important.

“An interior makes the car,” he said. “Do you want to redo your house and forget about the furniture inside?”

Hoyt does extensive custom work and even trickier tasks, such as mixing modern and older features in classic cars, but it’s new-vehicle owners who typically contact him for a specific reason. “Reparations,” he said.

In fact, he said that repair work is a whole different subfield of the auto upholstery business. It’s common for a customer to call and explain, “I ripped a hole in the seat of my new car with a screwdriver. Now what?”

That, and worn seat panels that show the age of the vehicle even when the exterior still looks new. And, of course, there are the usual seam repairs. There really isn’t a silver bullet here, according to Hoyt, just take the seat apart and replace the offending parts.

“Not everyone knows it can be done. They just live with it or think it’s too painful to care about,” he said.

Often they just don’t know where to turn. “There’s a body shop on every corner, but you usually have to dig around to find not just an upholsterer, but an automotive upholsterer, someone who respects their craft.”

He said a quality repair means starting with the right materials. “We can get matching fabric or leather from the manufacturer. The more exotic it is, the harder it is to get and the more expensive it is,” Hoyt said. Sometimes, he added, the hardware can cost more than the repair itself.

In terms of time, Hoyt said a screwdriver hole would take about two to four hours to repair. The work includes disassembling the seat, removing the damaged part, sewing the new part and reassembling it.

And what about those side bolsters that crack and wear out over time? “You’ll want to replace as many panels as necessary to make the seat look like the new areas and the old ones. Count about six hours of work.

Of course, better maintaining your interior surfaces is a way to avoid a visit to an upholsterer.

Hoyt said there’s nothing fancy when it comes to cleaning and “feeding” your car’s interior to keep it looking great.

“I wouldn’t recommend anything harder than what you would use on yourself. If you weren’t putting it on your face, I wouldn’t be putting it on leather.

Hoyt suggests looking for products with more natural ingredients like mink oil and lanolin. The number one protection for keeping a shiny new Mustang in good condition, he said, is blocking the sun, either with tinted windows, portable windshields, or by regularly parking the vehicle in a garage or parking lot. carport.

“The sun is the killer, whether it cooks the inside with heat or ultraviolet rays.”

One of the most affected areas is the dashboard, which is often plastic and spends the most time in direct sunlight. Hoyt recommends using mild soap and water to clean, then suggests sparingly applying a protectant that deflects the sun’s rays that kill upholstery.

Crack repair depends on the composition of the dashboard, but that’s up to the store to determine. “Dashboard replacement is usually the best option for best results, but a less expensive and not always perfect repair might hold you back,” he said.

Unfortunately, that’s all the time Hoyt has for us today. He can’t wait to get back to sewing, lathering, and tending to a burn he just received while welding metal seat frames.

“This one is pretty deep. It still stings, but wait until you see the car when it’s finished. It’s going to be awesome.”

Alejandro L. Myatt